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Booking Information

We strive to bring in the best talent in the tri-state area. If you have an act we are interested in hearing what you have to offer please contact Don Tolle for booking information.



After a nearly six month long search.... GutterZ Pub has unified some of the finest musicians in the area to create a house band like no other... RESTLESS SOUL performs all genres of music from country western to classic rock and top 40 hits every Tuesday and Saturday nights at GutterZ Pub!!

Don Tolle (Front Man/Guitarist/Vocalist) is a life long musician with over 20 years of  professional performance experience working  with national recording artists as well as the local  night club scene. "I am country... real country.... with a love for all types of GOOD music.... it's not just what I do.... it's who I am"... says Don... "I have worked at Colerain Bowl for years and am truly excited to bring this brand to life.... we have some of the most versatile musicians I have ever worked with delivering everything from classic rock to top 40 hits.... and of course... country and western... there is something for everyone here and that's the way we want it..." "the one consistency here across all genres of music we perform is quality musicianship.... authentic quality is our consistent goal"...

Coy Irwin (Vocalist/Acoustic Guitar) has one of the most versatile voices anywhere. Going from contemporary top 40 hits to classic R&B, Coy delivers smooth vocals that showcase his over 30 years of performance experience.

Tony Wallace (Bass Guitar) Dan Hamner (Percussionist) combine for over half a century of experience and are the back bone of RESTLESS SOUL. "just unreal...." Don says "these guys are fantastic and without them we would not have the sound we do....  "Tony and Dan are off the chart!.... these guys bring life to even the most mundane tunes.... they funk country up like no other and it sounds great...."

RESTLESS SOUL performs every Wednesday (9:30pm) and Saturday Night (9:00pm) at GutterZ Pub.